Photo Upload Form


Have you read our photo guide?

Please make sure your photo is not take in harsh sunlight or under indoor ceiling lights as it will leave harsh shadows on your face which are difficult to edit.

Retouching and Editing Requests

The Headshot Wizard applies standard retouching on all images as required.  This includes removing blemishes and naturally smoothing skin and whitening eyes and teeth.

Please list any additional retouching requests on the form.

Customer Satisfaction

The Headshot Wizard prides itself on meticulously retouching every headshot. We are happy to receive any feedback you have regarding your retouched headshot and make changes if needed.

Individual Headshots

$50.00 US

  • 1 image supplied with 3 different background options.
  • Includes colour correction and background change.
  • Retouched to enhance image and remove skin blemishes and facial shine.
  • You are welcome to upload more than one photo and let us decide which one will work best.

Team Headshots

$40.00 US

  • 1 image of each team member supplied on same background.
  • Minimum 2 people and test image can be supplied.
  • Includes colour correction and background changed.
  • Retouched to enhance image and remove skin blemishes and facial shine.

24 Hour Turnaround

The Headshot Wizard will have your images back to you within 24 hours unless otherwise communicated.

Payment on Completion

No upfront payment required.

Customers will be invoiced on supply of images.

Payment can be made by credit card, paypal or bank transfer for Australian customers.


All photos remain property of the customer and will be retained on file for one week only.

The photos will not be used in any promotional capacity by The Headshot Wizard unless customer consent is given.