How a Professional Linkedin Headshot Can Improve Your Profile

Having a professional LinkedIn headshot is essential to help your profile stand out. In fact, it is one of the LinkedIn basics every user should give their time and attention to. Your headshot is how you show Recruiters and Hiring Managers that you take your career search seriously, not only in the way you tell your professional story, but also in the way you represent yourself. Though a requirement, getting professional headshots taken, particularly in our current environment, can be a challenge. Thankfully, there is a fantastic resource to help you independently take a headshot, then have a professional turn that into the first impression you are proud to make. 

Why Headshots Are Important

Think about your headshot similar to the moment you meet a hiring manager for an interview. You want that first impression to stand out among all of the other candidates applying to the role, and you do that by dressing in your best attire and presenting yourself as professionally as you can. The same concept should be applied to your LinkedIn headshot. 

Having great LinkedIn headshots is advice given to all job seekers, so not having a professional photo – with a clean background, great lighting, and appropriate attire – makes you stand out in the wrong way. The lack of attention to your headshot will be perceived as a lack of seriousness in your job search, which is the last impression you want to make with Recruiters or Hiring Managers. 

Beyond the importance of professional LinkedIn headshots as a candidate, the same is also true for corporate headshots or team headshots. The job market is competitive right now, with many candidates having the privilege of being selective in their search. To help your company stand out, your teams should have uniform, professional headshots that demonstrate the care you have in your brand’s presentation. 

When your brand is competing with countless others for the best candidates, having a united representation of your company, across LinkedIn profiles, is a fantastic way to give candidates the impression they are looking for when deciding which company they want to move forward with. Seeing a brand that has exceptional attention to detail, down to team headshots, gives candidates a great sense of the level of professionalism they could expect from that employer. 

How to Get Professional Headshots Remotely 

Being in the remote environment we are all currently living in, it’s not as simple as it once was to have professional headshots taken. Our best resources for headshots are friends or family members that can snap a photo of us at home, which is great, but does not result in the best quality. Beyond the quality, having a team of at-home headshots results in a lack of uniformity across your employees, taking away from the united representation discussed previously. 

This is precisely where The Headshot Wizard comes in. Using you or your employees’ at-home headshots, we edit the photos to make them more professional, higher quality, and aesthetically sound. Our service allows anyone to take photos from the comfort of their own home, upload them to our site for a small fee, then receive an amazing headshot within days. 

Representing yourself professionally on LinkedIn, your resume, or on your website is just an upload away – get started today! 

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