We can retouch and change the background of any headshot to make your portraits look professional without the need for a photographer.

Great for matching team headshots or updating your linkedin profile.

Upload your photo

Simply follow the guidelines to take a photo of yourself or upload one you already have that you would like to improve or change.  

You can upload as many photos as you like and we can choose which will work best.

We edit your photo

Our highly experienced editors will adjust the lighting, brighten skin and eyes and remove blemishes and facial shine as required. Special retouching requests can also be made.

New headshot in 24 hours

Receive your high quality, digitally enhanced headshot within 24 hours.

Help us help you.

See our guide for tips on taking a great photo.

“The Headshot Wizard is a sensational way to get a photo quickly and affordably. I can now include my headshot on pitches and profiles.”

  – Jane Ross

“A professional photo without the time and cost associated with a photographer.”

  – Andrew Loughnan